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Corporate Overview


Vision and

Bloomage BioTechnology Corporation Limited (the “Company”, collectively referred to as the “Group” together with its subsidiaries), founded on 3rd April, 2006 in the Cayman Islands, is an International Group dedicated to develop in the field of biomedicine. Its core subsidiary is a manufacturer and distributor of sodium hyaluronic acid (referred to as “HA”) and focuses mainly on the development, manufacture and sale of various HA raw materials and end products. The Group has been listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong with the stock code 00963.

Our main product HA is a kind of mucopolysaccharides, which is a natural substance found in various tissues in the body of human as well as animals. In general, HA is commonly found at joints, vitreous cortices, skin, umbilical cords or cockscombs. With the characteristics of water retentivity, lubricity, viscoelasticity, pseudoplasticity, degradability and biocompatibility, HA is widely used as a direct ingredient or an excipient in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health products. End products, using HA as its main ingredient or basing on the feature of HA,involves orthopedic injections, ophthalmic solutions, viscoelastic injections for ophthalmic surgery, cosmetic fillers, surgical anti-adhesion products, skin care products and food supplements, etc.

The Company indirectly holds 94.37% of the shares of Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co., Ltd (“Bloomage Freda”). Bloomage Freda is committed to the research, development and sales of HA raw materials. With powerful team of research and development, world-class facilities, rigorous standards for quality, perseverance in innovation and a modern management philosophy, Bloomage Freda has become the world’s leading manufacturer of HA.

Bloomage BioTechnology Corporation Limited indirectly holds 100% of the shares of Beijing Bloomage Hyinc Technology Co., Ltd (“Bloomage Hyinc”). Bloomage Hyinc specializes in brand promotion, marketing and customer service for series of HA end products. Its scope covers medicine, plastic surgery, cosmetics and food supplements, etc. with a global marketing network. The vigorous Bloomage Hyinc always catch the trend of market demand, dedicated to becoming the leading sales company of HA end products.

The Group actively explore a marketing management model that matches the market-oriented economy. We continuously integrate market resources to build a marketing network and market platform that suits for the development of our business. Our HA raw material products can be generally classified into 4 grades, namely injection grade, eye drop grade, cosmetic grade and food grade. We have successfully developed two HA end products with relevant qualifications, namely the injectable hyaluronan soft tissue filling gel (BioHyalux) and the medical use sodium hyaluronate gel (HYMOIS).

The Group adheres to the corporate tenet of “quality, efficiency, integrity and responsibility”. Following the customer oriented business philosophy, the Group strives to enhance the production technology and quality of our products with perseverance. We always pay attention to the market trend and the needs of users in order to offer products of excellent quality and performance and provides mature and systematic solutions. We aims to provide users with timely and comprehensive services and also seek to create more value for our customers. At the same time, we would solicit talent and seek the mutual development of employees and the Group.